10 Surprising Frugal Living Hacks That Will Save You Money

Living frugally is all the rage these days. People are always looking for new ways to save money and stretch their budgets. However, frugal living doesn’t necessarily mean living a life of deprivation. It simply means making wise choices and finding ways to make your money go further. If you work in a skilled trade, there are plenty of ways to save money without sacrificing your quality of life. Here are 10 surprising frugal living hacks that will help you keep more money in your pocket.

1. Buy used tools

One of the biggest expenses for skilled tradespeople is their tools. High-quality tools can be expensive, but they’re essential for doing your job well. However, you don’t necessarily have to buy new tools. Look for used tools at garage sales, flea markets, and online classifieds. You can often find great deals on barely-used tools that will save you a ton of money.

2. Buy in bulk

When purchasing consumables like nails, screws, and other hardware, consider buying in bulk. Buying in larger quantities typically means a lower price per unit, which can add up to significant savings over time. Just be sure to store your bulk purchases properly so that they don’t become damaged or otherwise unusable.

3. Use a programmable thermostat

If you work in a trade that requires you to work outdoors, you can still save money on your home heating and cooling bills. Invest in a programmable thermostat, which will automatically adjust the temperature in your home based on your schedule. This helps you save on energy costs while still maintaining a comfortable home environment.

4. Make your own cleaning supplies

Cleaning supplies can be costly, but you can easily make your own using simple ingredients like vinegar and baking soda. These DIY cleaning solutions are just as effective as store-bought cleaners, and they’re much cheaper.

5. Shop at thrift stores

Thrifting isn’t just for hipsters and college students. If you’re looking to save money on clothing and household items, thrift stores are a great resource. You can find gently-used clothing, furniture, and other household items at a fraction of the cost of buying new.

6. Eat at home

If you work in a trade that requires you to be on the go all day, it can be tempting to grab takeout for lunch or dinner. However, eating out can quickly add up. Instead, plan ahead and bring your own meals from home. This will help you save money and ensure that you’re eating healthy, nutritious meals.

7. Carpool or bike to work

Another way to save money on transportation costs is to carpool or bike to work. If you’re able to carpool with others in your trade, you can split the cost of gas and reduce wear and tear on your vehicle. Biking is also a great option if you live close to your job site.

8. Use coupons and promo codes

Before making a purchase, be sure to search for coupons and promo codes online. You can often find discounts on the products and services you need, which can add up to significant savings over time.

9. DIY home repairs

If you’re handy around the house, consider tackling some DIY home repairs instead of hiring a professional. There are plenty of tutorials and resources available online that can help you with everything from fixing a leaky faucet to repairing a broken window.

10. Comparison shop for insurance

Finally, don’t overlook the importance of shopping around for insurance. Whether it’s auto, home, or health insurance, it pays to compare quotes from multiple providers. You may be able to find a better rate with similar coverage by doing your research.

Bottom line

Being frugal doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice the things you love. By making smart choices and finding ways to save money, you can still enjoy your favorite hobbies and activities while still sticking to your budget. As a skilled tradesperson, there are plenty of ways to save money and stretch your budget. Whether it’s buying used tools, shopping at thrift stores, or making your own cleaning supplies, these frugal living hacks can help you save money and live a more financially secure life.

Photo of the Remarkables mountain range in Queenstown, New Zealand.
Photo of the Remarkables mountain range in Queenstown, New Zealand.

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