Career in Skilled Trades: Mike Jones's Success Story

PTTI student Mike Jones shares his success story with us. Listen to how PTTI helped him transform his life. He got a job within his six months of training with PTTI and will be making an almost six-figure salary. His success story is truly inspirational and exciting!

Learn how you too can get a great, well-paying career in skilled trades with our accelerated training programs in skilled trades. We offer a variety of certified skilled trades programs for you to choose from. With us, you can become a certified technician in the field that you are passionate about. With training in as little as six months, you can be guaranteed to get a well-paying job where you can build your career!

Job opportunities in skilled trades are plenty and PTTI helps to connect you to the right employers for success in your field. With hands-on training programs and certifications in the field of your choice, you get an edge over others. Joining PTTI is the right choice for a career in skilled trades.

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