The Benefits of Being Mentored: Insights from Successful Professionals

In a world where technology continues to evolve, and skilled trades play an essential role in keeping society running, there is a need for professionals that are well-versed in these trades. These individuals operate as mechanics, electricians, plumbers, and more, and they help keep essential systems and infrastructure working.

To become an expert in one of these fields, one requires more than just theoretical knowledge. Mentorship is a crucial ingredient to the success of any individual looking to carve out a career in skilled trades. Successful professionals who have benefited from mentoring are proof of its power, and the advantages it brings to the table.

In this blog post, we will discuss the benefits of being mentored and how it has impacted successful professionals in skilled trades through facts, figures, and statistics from credible sources.

Mentoring defined

Mentoring is known as the process of imparting knowledge and guidance from one individual to another. This process most often takes place between a more experienced and a less experienced person, where the former provides advice, support, and guidance to the latter.

Mentoring has the power to impact several aspects of an individual’s life, from their growth and development to job satisfaction, and even income. Research from the International Coach Federation (ICF) shows that 65% of individuals who have experienced mentorship report improved communication skills, and 62% report increased job satisfaction.

Benefits of being mentored

1. Improved job performance

Mentoring can impact an individual’s job performance positively. According to research from Mentorloop, individuals who are mentored are six times more likely to report better job performance. This correlation can be attributed to the guidance and advice that a mentor provides, which helps the mentee to improve their skills and perform better in their job-related tasks.

2. Career Development

Mentoring can help individuals to develop their careers significantly. Research from Sun Microsystems shows that mentoring can enable individuals to reach their career goals more effectively. Additionally, 70% of Fortune 500 companies report that they have implemented mentorship programs to support their employees’ career development.

3. Personal growth

Mentoring also impacts personal growth significantly. Individuals who are mentored often have access to guidance and advice that would otherwise be difficult to come by. This access to knowledge can help them to gain more clarity and make more informed decisions about their lives.

4. Networking opportunities

Mentoring can also help individuals to expand their networks. The mentor-mentee relationship provides both parties with an opportunity to connect and build relationships with other professionals in the field. These connections can provide individuals with access to more significant opportunities in the future.

Mentoring in Skilled Trades

Mentoring is an essential component of the skilled trades industry, and it is highly valued by industry leaders. People who work in skilled trades have a unique set of skills that require extensive knowledge and experience. This aspect of the job makes mentorship an invaluable tool for development.

Successful professionals working in skilled trades highlight the benefits of mentorship. One notable individual is Chris Tice, an ASE master technician who credits his success to his mentor. Chris has been working in the automotive industry for over 30 years and emphasizes the importance of having someone to guide one’s career in the skilled trades.

According to Chris, his mentor taught him the value of having a good attitude and being enthusiastic about his work. He also provided Chris with the necessary knowledge, experience, and support that allowed him to grow his career and become the successful technician he is today.

Alberta’s Young Women in Trades program is also an excellent example of how mentorship benefits skilled trades professionals. The program provides young women with mentorship opportunities where they can connect with other women in the field and learn about their experiences. This mentorship has helped several individuals to develop their careers and overcome the challenges they face in this male-dominated industry.

Bottom line

Mentorship plays a crucial role in the development and growth of individuals, and this is especially true for those working in skilled trades. Professionals who have experienced mentorship report significant improvements in their job performance, personal growth, career development, and networking opportunities. Therefore, mentorship is something that individuals in skilled trades should seek. It is an invaluable tool for growth and development that can help them to reach their full potential.

Photo of the Remarkables mountain range in Queenstown, New Zealand.
Photo of the Remarkables mountain range in Queenstown, New Zealand.

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