Don’t Let Complacency Set In: Strategies for Keeping Your Marriage Strong

Don’t Let Complacency Set In: Strategies for Keeping Your Marriage Strong in Skilled Trades

A successful marriage requires a lot of work, patience and dedication. This holds true for couples who work in skilled trades as well. Skilled trades are professions that require specialized training and skills, such as mechanics, electricians, plumbers, and construction workers, among others. These professions can be rewarding, but they can also be demanding, with schedules that may disrupt family life. However, with proper planning and commitment, you can maintain a strong marriage and family life while advancing your career in the skilled trades.

Marriage in Skilled Trades: Unique Challenges

Couples in skilled trades face unique challenges that can test even the strongest of relationships. One of the most significant challenges is work demands that can disrupt personal life. Many skilled trades require workers to be available 24/7, which means being ready to work long hours, night shifts, and weekends. This can make it hard for couples to spend quality time together or plan activities outside of work. In some cases, couples may work on the same job site, making it difficult for them to separate their professional and personal lives.

Another challenge is the physical demand of many skilled trades. Jobs like construction or plumbing require heavy lifting, standing for long periods, and awkward postures, which can lead to physical injuries or chronic pain. These physical challenges can affect a person’s mood, making it challenging to keep up with household duties or even be emotionally present for their spouse.

Thirdly, communication breakdowns are one of the most common challenges faced by couples in skilled trades. The demanding and physical nature of their work can lead to decreased energy levels, mood swings, and fatigue, reducing their ability to communicate effectively with their spouse. This can lead to misunderstandings, arguments, and even conflicts that can threaten the marriage.

Strategies for Keeping Your Marriage Strong in Skilled Trades

Fortunately, there are various strategies that couples in skilled trades can use to keep their marriage strong, even when work demands are high. Here are some ideas:

1. Effective Communication

Effective communication is crucial for any relationship, and it is even more crucial for couples in skilled trades. Couples should set aside regular time to talk through their day, share concerns, and celebrate successes. They can also use various modern communication tools such as texts, video calls, or even audio messages to stay connected throughout the day.

2. Keep Work-Life Balance in Mind

Work-life balance is vital for a healthy marriage. Couples should plan their work and personal life in tandem, creating time for each other, for fun and shared experiences, and daily routines. By creating routines like setting aside one night per week for date night, it will help to build a foundation of trust, intimacy, and genuine care. These routines can be something that both parties look forward to, regardless of the workload.

3. Prioritize Physical Health

Physical health is necessary for long-lasting relationships, as it determines our capabilities to be active, engaged, and present in the moment. Couples in skilled trades should prioritize physical health by engaging in regular exercise, eating healthy foods to fuel their active workdays, and seeking professional medical attention when necessary.

4. Take Regular Breaks

Taking regular breaks, even if for only five minutes, can help reduce stress and anxiety, reset their focus, and ultimately lead to more productivity. It’s important for couples to carve out moments for mental and physical recharging, such as daily walks, jogs, or even reading a book.  These moments of joy and rest can provide a much-needed break from work’s physical and emotional demands.

Bottom Line

The union of marriage is worth prioritizing for a healthy and happy life, especially in the skilled trades industry. The demands of such professions can be tough, but when unique challenges are met with effective communication, work-life balance, prioritized physical health, and taking time to recharge, the rewards can be great.

There are various statistics and facts that demonstrate the importance of keeping a healthy and dedicated relationship with your spouse, such as research reported by the National Office of Statistics that shows married people generally live longer than unmarried people, and a 2009 study conducted by the CDC that showed married individuals were less likely to report bad physical health than individuals who have never married. Morale and employee satisfaction are also increased by happy and harmonious relationships.

In conclusion, the skilled trades industry can be a challenging field in which to maintain a strong marriage. But with proper planning, dedication, and a commitment to personal health, couples in this industry can keep their marriage strong and healthy, even in the face of significant demands. It is important to never get complacent about communication, prioritize healthy habits, carve out time together, and remember to take breaks to recharge. By prioritizing your union, you can keep your family anchored, happy, and successful.

Photo of the Remarkables mountain range in Queenstown, New Zealand.
Photo of the Remarkables mountain range in Queenstown, New Zealand.

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