After 300 DIRTY JOBS Mike Rowe Weighs In On The NATURE OF WORK in 2022

Should you chase your PASSION or should you SOLVE a PROBLEM? Fill a NEED?

Are you ready for the REAL DIRT with one of the SMARTEST and MOST PRACTICAL thinkers today about work in America?

MIKE ROWE has been slogging it out in trenches, coal mines, sewers, and garbage dumps for a long time now as the host of DIRTY JOBS.

There’s a RUGGED, DOWN-TO-EARTH and TRUSTWORTHY quality about Mike. Coupled with the fact he can take any dirty job, tell a great story, add some humor, and hook you from the start, makes him one of the more unusual and compelling people in television for the past several years.

A self-described chronic freelancer, Mike has worked in more than 350 JOBS on his hit show. But he’s also an in-demand Fortune 500 speaker, podcaster, executive producer, and author as well as a vocal advocate and CEO of the mikeroweWORKS Foundation that debunks myths and promotes the value of skilled trades in the workforce.

Mike’s got some CAPTIVATING STORIES and SAGE ADVICE about THE NATURE OF WORK you’re going to want to hear.

Mike redefines why and how PASSION should be a part of what you do but probably not in a way you’ve thought of before.

He has a great take on the value of HARD WORK and MASTERING SKILLS that leads you to a path to success, whether you work with your HANDS, your HEAD, or some combination of both.

There’s also a big disconnect going on right now about the nature of EDUCATION and matching it up with meaningful work. Mike talks a lot about changing how we should REFRAME our thinking about both areas, and why we should always approach our work with a sense of HUMILITY AND CURIOSITY.

You, your children, and pretty much everyone you know are going to spend the better part of your lives working. Doesn’t it make sense that you should give a lot of THOUGHT about what it’s going to take to be HAPPY and SUCCESSFUL in whatever you choose to do?

This week’s show with Mike Rowe will start that important conversation you need to have with yourself.

This one is really gonna get you thinking!

0:00 Intro
2:52 Should we chase our passion?
14:11 Actual physical hard work isn’t glorified anymore
20:07 The war on work
27:07 Mike realizing he’s wrong about certain jobs after trying them in his show
32:02 Dirty Jobs was the beginning of Mike’s real education
36:54 Was there a risk for Mike when he decided to do Dirty Jobs?
43:16 Millionaires that have Dirty Jobs
46:08 Curiosity & humility coexists
52:01 Toeing the line between humility and confidence
57:49 Is Mike’s humor natural?

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