Employee Traits That Employers Look For and Love

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Every business wants to find a good fit. Okay, good is downplaying it. The perfect fit. While that in itself is already a challenge, it doesn’t stop the employer from conducting rigorous interviews, appraisals, and anything else to make sure that its employees are operating at their maximum best. So stick around as we discuss the traits and habits that managers and bosses like. Enjoy!

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⏱ Time Stamp:

00:00 Introduction
00:55 Be Action-Oriented
01:57 Intelligence and Passion
02:34 Be Ambitious and Position Yourself for Success
03:43 Be Autonomous
04:36 Be Upbeat
05:03 Be Honest and Modest
06:02 Be Detail Oriented
06:28 Be Marketable
06:54 Be a Team player
07:41 Independence
08:27 Leadership
09:28 Interpersonal/Communication Skills
10:13 Be Self-Aware
10:36 Being Disciplined and Dependable
11:22 Have a Good Attitude


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