How To Grow And Thrive Your Blue Collar Business

With 17 plus years, Trevor Matthews has developed his skills by networking and learning from the best in the industry. He started Refrigeration Mentor because he saw a need in the refrigeration industry around these main pillars: training, education, and mentorship. Once those techs become Journeyman, there is a lack of support, training, and guidance for technicians, contractors, and business owners. After thousands of conversations with various stakeholders in the industry, it was easy to see there were some common themes; there is not enough support, and how can we access the training we need? Technical support can be hard to find; there seem to be knowledge gaps causing increasing on-the-job stress. How do we find more well-trained technicians?

He’s driven to help fill these knowledge gaps and share what he has learned from foundation blocks to advanced technologies in refrigeration. He can customize training needs from technical training to communication skills that focus on building a culture around training, education and mentoring within your organization.

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