Skilled Trade Shortage / Rant

DIs there a skilled trade shortage? You bet there is, and the situation seems to be getting worse! In short, the very reason I sold the company I founded in 1978 and sold in 2004 was not being able to find qualified employees. At the time I was running three trucks, the business was cruising and I desperately needed more people.

After interviewing prospects for approximately one year I realized I was going to become more of a babysitter, than an owner. I admittedly threw in the towel (sooner than I should have) and decided to sell my company. The service and repair sector of the business has virtually been destroyed by handymen, YouTube, and the internet.

This is the way the world works today, and to those brave contractors who are still in the game today, the skilled trade shortage is very real! I think more so today because there are virtually no more trade schools from which to farm up-and-coming talent. So you either “grow your own techs” or steal them from your competitors!

If you currently have a relationship with a plumber who you trust and are loyal to, hang on to him or her for dear life, cause when they decided to hang up their wrenches, you’ll feel the sting of the skilled trade shortage!

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CORRECTION: Sophmore Year was pipe fitting, I said Junior! My mistake. Hey its
live video @#$& happens!

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