WorkingNation Overheard: Michael Hansen on removing the stigma from the skilled trades

Offering credentials – other than college degrees – to help people access good careers is important, according to Michael Hansen, CEO, Cengage Group.

Traditionally, over its 100-year history, Cengage has provided students with learning materials.

“We have pivoted successfully to offer students alternatives and other choices, particularly around certificates, badges, and give them an ability for a much lower cost to actually learn a skill that they can take readily to the labor market and make either a better wage or actually get a job.”

WorkingNation sat down with Hansen at the ASU+GSV Summit in San Diego.

As people search for their career pathways, Hansen notes it’s important that stigma be removed from the skilled trades.

“I hope that the stigma around skilled trades is changing. It used to be for people that couldn’t get to college. Somehow didn’t have the money. Didn’t have the education to make them successful in a traditional college career. That should not be the case. It is a credible alternative or an augmentation to a college degree.”

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