Benefits of Using CO2 (R744) Refrigerant in Heat Pumps & Chillers

Guest Wynand Groenewald from FGN Future Green Now

What a great conversation with Wynand. We had the opportunity to talk about the huge amount of benefits heat pumps and chillers have when using CO2 (R744) refrigerant over synthetic refrigerants. With a CO2 heat pump you control the high pressure valve and force the system to run in Transcritical. You can determine the discharge pressure because there is no pressure temperature relationship and since there is no condensing or phase changing on the discharge side that allows you to really create a better water profile to hit your pinch point. As you’re rejecting heat from your CO2 you’re gaining that heat in the water or your your heat sink which gives you the capability to get high temperatures. Your pinch point is much smaller and it allows you to get maximum capacity out of your system because you do not lose the so call part of your condensing phase.

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