Copeland Transcritical CO2 Scroll Compressors

We had the pleasure to have a conversation with Andre Patenaude on CO2 Mondays. Andre shares with us what Copeland offers on their CO2 Transcritical and subcritical compressor product line. We dove into the different types of designs for both semi hermetic and scroll compressors. We review different CO2 refrigeration application and dive into the technical side of Copeland CO2 compressors.

Topics Include:
Copeland CO2 Transcritical Scroll w/ DVI (Europe) and Subcritical compressors
Copeland CO2 Semi Hermetic Transcritical and Subcritical compressors
Digital CO2 Scrolls
European ZOV (VFD) Scroll that work 20Hz to 100Hz
CoreSense Protection
Troubleshooting CO2 compressors
Floating your flash tank pressure

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