Designing and Engineering CO2 Refrigeration Systems

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I had the pleasure to hang out with Benoit Rodier from Cimco Refrigeration – Benoit is an expert in CO2 refrigeration and share a ton of valuable knowledge with us. Get your pen an note pad out because there is a ton of great information throughout this video.

Topics we discuss were:
Understanding the diversity factor when sizing a CO2 system
What you need to know when designing a CO2 system vs synthetic system
Benoit breaks down how and why CO2 can be more efficient then other refrigerants
We discuss the benefits of using heat reclaim with CO2 systems for portable water and building comfort
Benoit shows us how to use Simple CO2 software
Dive into why pushing the pressure higher to achieve a higher COP
Give us insight on the differences and benefits of direct CO2 systems vs indirect CO2 systems for ice rinks.

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