Dorin Two Stage Transcritical CO2 Compressor

This was a fantastic CO2 Monday session with Giacomo Pisano from Dorin Compressors.  Giacomo has been working with CO2 refrigeration for over 15 years and is one of the most experience and knowledgeable person on the planet about CO2 compressor technologies.
Giacomo will be sharing his knowledge on Dorin CO2 compressor technology

Talks we discussed:
-The world’s first two stage Transcritical Semi Hermetic CO2 compressor
-Full integrated CO2 Transcritical systems with Dorin compressors
-Why you have lower discharge and low temperatures when using CO2 compressors with external discharge plenum
-How to use a Daniel Chart for CO2 & POE 85
-Compressor Superheat depends on many factors and Giacomo explains what you need for Dorin Compressors
-Review Dorin CO2 Compressor Software

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