How To Properly Size a High Pressure Transcritical CO2 valve with Danfoss

Patrick Clardy of Danfoss unloaded a huge amount of CO2 refrigeration knowledge in this session. We talked about a wide huge amount of topics in a short amount of time. From Danfoss electronic valves to controllers we covered a lot. Get your pen and paper out because you will want to take notes.

Topics Include:
GustavLorentzen 2022 conference
F-Gas Regulations
Danfoss High Pressure and Low Pressure Ejectors
Danfoss High Pressure Valves (HPV)
Danfoss Flash Gas Bypass Valve
How to make a CO2 refrigeration system more efficient
How to size a Danfoss Transcritical HPV
AK-PC 782A
How to find Danfoss CO2 installation and user guides
Danfoss Service Tools to connect CO2 controllers

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