Sizing refrigeration pipework for condensing unit systems for cooling cold rooms

This learning series for refrigeration designers, engineers and anyone who wants to learn how to properly design refrigeration systems. Their are many great single refrigeration line sizing software’s out there but this series will teach you have to effectively us a Distributed Pipework Refrigeration Design Software to save you time and money.
Over the course of this 5 part series you will learn that there are many ways to size a refrigeration system and we will talk about what to look out for and what not to do when designing a refrigeration system.
You will learn how to take a systematic approach and learn how to save countless hours, when taking the right to refrigeration design approach tackling big or small projects.

(1 of 5) This session will show how to select compressors for a condensing units based on a connected load of three evaporators. From the compressor selections, we will then demonstrate how to use MicroPipe to size all of the suction and liquid line pipework connected in this small system. The learning outcome is to showcase the expedience at which a small refrigeration design can be completed from plant selection through to pipework design.

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(Please make sure you put in your calendar a minimum of 5 hours over the next month or even put 1 hour per week in your calendar when getting a trial version if MicroPipe to maximize your learning curve)