Transcritical CO2 technology in industrial refrigeration | ATMO World Summit 2022

In this webinar titled “CO2 transcritical technology in industrial refrigeration,” Giacomo Pisano from Dorin concludes that CO2 is “close to the ideal refrigerant.”

Pisano talks about the use of ammonia and CO2 in industrial refrigeration, listing their benefits and drawbacks. He stresses that ammonia is a “great refrigerant, seen from a thermodynamic standpoint,” but concludes that the scales tip in favor of CO2 when you include cost, efficiency developments and maintenance. #GoNatRefs #Refrigeration #CO2 #ATMO_WorldSummit

Giacomo Pisano is CO2 Compressors Business Development Manager at Italian compressor manufacturer Dorin. He was speaking at ATMO World Summit 2022, an online event about natural refrigerant technologies for cooling and heating applications. You can find the full playlist of webinars from the event here