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This ebook covers everything you need to become technically excellent in your skilled trades journey. This ebook is unique because it teaches you the mindsets and habits you need to transform your current skilled trades journey from ok/good to AMAZING.

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Solid Work Ethics

The second installment in the B.E.S.T. Skilled Trades Excellence process covers ethics on and off the job that will open doors to life-changing relationships in your professional and personal life. The estimated release date for this Ebook is the SUMMER of 2023. 

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Sleeping Easier at Night
Becoming A Millionaire

YES! becoming a millionaire while maintaining a Work-Life balance IS possible in skilled trades. This Ebook covers everything you need to be 100% out of debt and grow a net worth of a million dollars faster than you have ever imagined. 

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Work-Life Balance and Success

You have technical excellence and a solid work ethic and manage your money effectively. You are on your way to becoming a Skilled Trade Millionaire. Despite your successes in important areas, if your Work-Life balance gets out of whack, all your hard work can crumble. This eBook provides the skilled trade pro with actionable insights to maintain your work-life balance. 

Pre-Orders for this Ebook
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Discovering Skilled Trades

Discovery The TRUTH
About Skilled Trades

Discover the truth about Skilled Trade Wages, How Skilled Trades are cranking out Millionaires like never before and HOW YOU CAN DO IT TO!

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