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EVERY DOLLAR, Financial IQ, and Savings when working in The Skilled Trades

Personal financial IQ and saving for requirements are important for individuals working in skilled trades. It helps them to understand how to manage their finances and make better decisions. Saving for unexpected expenses and having an emergency fund can be crucial for skilled trades individuals since they may have unexpected downtime or injuries. Building a good credit score can also be beneficial as it may help to secure loans for future investments. Additionally, having a good understanding of personal finances can also help to plan for retirement and ensure a comfortable future. Overall, developing a strong personal financial IQ and saving for requirements can be crucial for individuals working in skilled trades.

B.E.S.T. Approved
Importance of having and maintaining a SOLID WORK ETHIC in The Skilled Trades.

A solid work ethic is essential for individuals working in skilled trades. It helps to ensure that work is completed on time, to a high standard, and with a focus on safety. A strong work ethic also helps to establish trust and respect among colleagues and supervisors. Developing a good reputation for being reliable, honest and hardworking can open up opportunities for advancement. Additionally, a strong work ethic can increase job satisfaction and a sense of pride in one’s work. In summary, a solid work ethic is vital for those working in skilled trades as it helps to ensure a safe and efficient work environment while also opening up opportunities for growth and success.

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Technical excellence is crucial for individuals working in skilled trades. It ensures that work is completed correctly and safely, meeting industry standards and regulations. It also helps to identify and solve problems, improve efficiency, and increase productivity. Continual learning and training to update skills and knowledge is necessary to maintain technical excellence. A skilled tradesperson with technical excellence is highly sought after, and it can lead to better job opportunities, higher pay, and increased job satisfaction. In summary, technical excellence is vital for those working in skilled trades as it ensures the work is done correctly, safely, and to industry standards; it also opens up opportunities for better job opportunities and higher pay.

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