Investment styles are systematic ways of investing that are consistent and methodical. They use a set of criteria or a theme to help them make investment selections. Investing methods might help you be more methodical and disciplined in your investing. They also allow you to track and compare the performance of your investments. Setting investment goals, let alone knowing if you’re meeting them, is exceedingly difficult without a strategy. Learn about the investment styles everyone should know about. Enjoy!

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00:00 Introduction
01:00 Buy-and-hold investment.
01:56 Growth investment
02:39 Momentum investment
03:35 Value investment
04:18 Investing in Small Cap Stocks
05:09 Dividend investment
05:49 ESG Investing
06:41 Factor investment
07:24 Passive investing
08:29 Core/satellite
09:09 Long/short sale investing
09:55 Multi-asset investment


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