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Women in Workwear: The Untapped Power in Modern Skilled Trades!" 👩‍🔧🚀

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Today’s deep dive into the evolving world of skilled trades comes courtesy of a conversation between Martin King, the dynamic force behind, and Ken Midgett of Interplay Learning. They discussed the game-changers in the industry: technology-enhanced learning, the promise of vocational training, and why women might be the industry’s most untapped resource!

Key Takeaways:

  1. Tech in Trades: The traditional concept of skilled trades is evolving! With Gen Z entering the workforce, trades are being integrated with 3D graphics, virtual interfaces, and more to enhance learning and training.
  2. Women in Trades: As Ken emphasizes, contractors not seeking women for skilled trade jobs are missing out. Safety and tech advancements mean many jobs aren’t as physically demanding, making them more accessible to all.
  3. Revival of Vocational Training: The push is on for more schools to reintroduce vocational training, given that not every student is college-bound. There’s potential for a resurgence in traditional workshops with a modern twist!
  4. The Reality of Skilled Trade Wages: A significant revelation: the US Bureau of Labor Statistics might be underreporting skilled trade wage data by 30-60%. Awareness needs to be raised to correct misconceptions about trade wages.
  5. Innovation in Training: Manufacturers and businesses are taking a hands-on approach, creating specialized trailers for on-site training and harnessing advanced tools to simplify once challenging tasks.

🚀 Final Thoughts: The narrative around skilled trades is shifting. With technology, inclusivity, and a renewed emphasis on hands-on learning, the industry is poised for an exciting transformation. Whether you’re considering a career in skilled trades or already knee-deep in it, the future looks bright!

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