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Building A Balanced Life
The Skilled Trade Worker's Guide

You have technical excellence and a solid work ethic and manage your money effectively. You are on your way to becoming a Skilled Trade Millionaire. Despite your successes in important areas, if your Work-Life balance gets out of whack, all your hard work can crumble. This eBook provides the skilled trade pro with actionable insights to maintain your work-life balance. 

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Technical Excellence
Working in Skilled Trades

In a world where proficiency in skilled trades is not enough to ensure respect, high earnings, or job security, this book and the subsequent volumes of the B.E.S.T. process series tackle the challenges faced by trade workers. The author, drawing on four decades of experience, aims to provide more than just a narrative on technical excellence; they seek to offer a blueprint for success in the trades. The book identifies the ‘I.T.’ factor – a combination of meticulous planning, cultivating beneficial habits, and setting up effective feedback loops – as the key to sustained success in a career that can span decades. This guide is positioned as a companion for trade professionals, aiming to unlock their potential and turn the ‘I.T.’ factor from an aspiration into a reality.

Hardhat to Hard Cash
The Tradesperson's Path to Financial Freedom

In the pages of “Hardhat to Hard Cash,” you’ll discover the untold financial wisdom tailored specifically for tradespeople. Whether you’re a seasoned contractor, an aspiring apprentice, or somewhere in between, this book offers valuable insights into managing, growing, and protecting your hard-earned income.

The book’s heart delves into practical strategies for intelligent earning and spending. Learn how to maximize your income on the job site while minimizing unnecessary expenses. We introduce you to budgeting and saving with a tradesperson’s schedule in mind, turning erratic earnings into a stable financial future.

Moreover, this book addresses balancing professional growth with personal well-being. Discover how to secure your financial future without sacrificing the joys of today. Learn about insurance, estate planning, and other critical tools to protect you and your family, ensuring your financial journey is prosperous and secure.

 Strap on your hard hat and prepare to build a future where financial freedom isn’t just a dream—it’s your reality.

Technical Excellence
Working in Skilled Trades

The Craft of Commitment” goes beyond just telling stories. It delves into the psychology of work ethic, exploring how it is fostered, why it is so valued in the trades, and how it impacts the quality of work and the success of projects. The book also addresses the industry’s challenges today, such as skill shortages and the undervaluing of trade careers, and how a strong work ethic can play a role in overcoming these issues.

Moreover, this book guides aspiring tradespeople and veterans alike, offering wisdom on cultivating a stronger work ethic, the importance of continuous learning, and the value of mentorship. It highlights how commitment to the craft leads to personal fulfillment and success and elevates the standards and reputation of the trades as a whole.