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IT'S TIME to get REAL about Skilled Trade's wage and job satisfaction information into the mainstream.

At, we deeply value and respect the trust you place in us by participating in our survey. We want to assure you that safeguarding your personal information is of utmost importance to us. Your name, email address, and any other personally identifiable data you provide will never be shared, sold, or disclosed to any third party, individual, or organization. 

Real-Time Skilled Trades Wage Data

Why This Survey is Needed

Beyond Statistics: A Mission to Illuminate True Skilled Trade Wages

Skilled trades form the backbone of our economy, yet when it comes to wage transparency, we’re often navigating murky waters. The methods currently adopted for data collection yield incomplete, and often misleading, results. At (STR), we’re driven to bring clarity to the forefront.

The Discrepancy

The Bureau of Labor Statistics (, despite its central role, relies on voluntary mail-in surveys. This approach, while expansive, is flawed: incomplete submissions, outdated records, and non-representative samples lead to a distorted picture of real wages. This means what’s reported may be far from the on-ground reality.

A Vision for Enhanced Accuracy

Our approach at STR is twofold:

  1. Real-time Data Collection: With every individual submission, our public numbers refresh in real-time. This offers an unfiltered glimpse into the current earnings of skilled trade professionals.

  2. Integration with the IRS: The IRS holds vast amounts of income data that, if connected to the BLS’s data collection process, could provide a comprehensive and accurate representation of wages. By creating a bridge between the IRS and the BLS, we can access wage data grounded in real earnings, not just projections or self-reported figures.

Goals and Advocacy

We’re not just collating data – we have a vision. With a target of 10,000 submissions:

  • We aim to present a compelling case to the US Congress about the discrepancies in current wage data.
  • We’ll push for a strengthened alliance between the IRS and the Department of Labor to rectify these inconsistencies.

The Importance of Truth

Every American deserves to make life decisions, like choosing between college or a trade, based on reliable information. With accurate wage data, individuals can make informed choices, aligning their career aspirations with economic realities.

Lend Your Voice to the Movement

Every data point submitted here is a call for transparency. It’s a commitment to ensuring that the value of our skilled trade professionals is duly acknowledged and accurately represented. By joining us, you’re championing the cause of countless workers seeking rightful recognition.

Together, we can reshape how wage data is perceived and presented. Join us in this journey towards accuracy and advocacy.

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