Tell THE REAL Skilled Trade Stories

We’re calling upon skilled trade businesses and professionals: Help us debunk THE MYTH that college is the only career option. Show the world that being a tradesperson is about creativity, problem-solving, and the kind of satisfaction that comes from tangible results. The mainstream media and the college machine will not tell these stories, so IT’S UP TO US!

Check Out This Short Video To Learn More 

Final Production Sneak Peek

Build your company brand as a premiere skilled trades employer: Designate someone to watch the instructional videos (below) to understand the essence of what needs to be captured. This camera operator will only need a cell phone and be proficient at filming video content. Check out the Sneak Peak video below to see what your finished production will look like. 

Instructions for Camera Operators

Below, are the complete instructions on how to shoot your companies Day in The Skilled Trade Life videos. The entire process should take less then a few hours and will help your company gain market awareness as a premier skilled trades employer. 

Shooting Your Videos

In this short video, you will learn all of the tips that will help our production team produce great videos:

  • Your video equipment
  • Camera orientation, Portrait, or Landscape
  • Video quality resolution
  • Shooting B-Roll
  • Shooting Interviews, click the link below for a list of questions
  • Time commitment
  • Your company branding
  • Safety considerations

How to Submit Your Videos For Production

Let is Know Your Ready

Just complete this short form and click the “I’m Ready To Submit My Videos” button. Within a few seconds, you will be directed to a special web page with a link to your file upload area. Depending on your internet speed, the upload process only takes a few minutes.