Chuck Really Wants Me to Meet Nick Searcy (Ep. 269)

In 2017 I started encouraging Chuck to watch a series on FX called Justified. Not long after Chuck started bugging me to come down to LA and hang out with his new friend, Nick.

“He’s an actor,†said Chuck. “But not a douchey one.â€

I never got around to meeting Nick, and Chuck never got around to watching “Justified.†Until we both finally realized that the “non-douchey†actor that Chuck wanted me to be friends with, was Nick Searcy – the same actor who played Chief Deputy US Marshal Art Mullen opposite Timothy Olyphant in Justified. To say it another way, the actor that Chuck was nagging me to meet was starring in the show that I was nagging Chuck to watch.

I’m pleased to report that Chuck has finally watched all six seasons of Justified and agrees wholeheartedly with my assessment – it’s excellent, and Nick’s work is extraordinary.


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