How Do We Close the Skills Gap? | Mike Rowe

With a record labor shortage holding back our economy, Mike Rowe says it’s time to bring back the skilled trades and restore our respect for America’s craftsmanship. Let’s see what the popular host of “Dirty Jobs†and head of the mikeroweWORKS Foundation believes about how we can help more people get their hands dirty – and find their best path in life. Visit for show notes and more!

Key Moments:
01:48 – How did you become the Dirty Jobs guy?
07:12 – How do we create an environment where everyone sees their ability to contribute in their own way?
17:00 – What’s really holding back job seekers from the trades?
20:00 – Why did the encouragement of college deter people from the trades?
22:30 – Is your mom proud of you now?
24:10 – What’s next for you? Are you achieving what you set out to do?
28:30 – How can you convince Hollywood to air shows like Dirty Jobs?
35:00 – What’s the dirtiest job you’ve ever done?


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