Sooner or later, you’ve gotta squeeze the beaver…(Ep. 287)

Two years ago over the Thanksgiving break, Chuck drove up to my place to drink my wine and discuss the future of the podcast, which was, at the time, tenuous. I loved the world we were in, (dubbed Podcastlandia), and the audience we had attracted, but I didn’t have time to write anymore short mysteries, (which take a lot longer than you think.)

I was open to trying a longer, interview based format, (which ironically, takes a lot less time to deliver than the short story format), but was uncertain the audience would accept a change in format. Well, two years later, it appears most of you guys are OK with it. And so, once again, my producer has returned to my home to drink more of my wine, reflect on the last two years, and discuss the future of the podcast, (i.e., his job), in person.

Much of what you’ll hear on this episode is the kind of blather you’d expect to hear from two old friends who would debate the color of a red brick. But fans of the podcast might appreciate a look behind the curtain.


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