Time is Money: Mastering Time-Management in the Skilled Trades

We all have a finite amount of time in this world. Learn how to make the most of it with these time-management tips!

Time management is a crucial part of success, and it is especially true for skilled trades professionals. Skilled trades professionals who learn how to manage their time well have an advantage in the industry. Time management is a necessary skill for the tradespeople to master because their work usually requires them to complete various tasks within strict deadlines, and any delays or lack of productivity can lead to a loss of revenue and missed opportunities.

In addition, managing your time effectively is essential for achieving success in the skilled trades industry. When you use your time efficiently, you can take on more work, which translates to more revenue. This can lead to higher profits and faster career growth, which ultimately leads to becoming a millionaire.

However, time management is not a one-size-fits-all approach. The success of your time management strategy depends on your personality, work style, and the specific tasks you need to complete. So, it is essential to find the time-management platform that works best for you. There are numerous time-management platforms available, and each has its pros and cons.

The most important criterion for selecting a time management platform is that it should work best for you. If you are a tech-savvy person and comfortable using technology, then online subscription-based platforms specifically tailored to the application of time management can be an excellent option for you. However, if you prefer to use pen and paper, then using a traditional paper planner can work best for you. The key is to pick the platform that makes you feel the most comfortable, and that you will use consistently.

Another critical criterion to consider when selecting a time-management platform is accessibility. Accessibility means that you can access your calendar from anywhere, anytime, and from any device. Many online platforms offer accessibility through their mobile applications, and it is essential to ensure that the platform you choose provides this feature.

In addition to accessibility, it is also essential to consider the availability of technical support. If you are opting for a paid subscription service, ensure that the platform has reasonable access to technical support, ideally based in the USA. This will be helpful in case of any technical difficulties you may face.

Lastly, the non-sticky feature of a time management platform is essential. Non-sticky means that you can export or print out your schedule, which can help you move your calendar data to another platform with ease. Many online systems are designed to make it harder for you to move away from the platform by making it difficult to get your data moved. So, before selecting a time management platform, ensure that it has a non-sticky feature.

In a study conducted by the McKinsey Global Institute, it was found that the average worker spends about 28% of their workweek on email alone. This indicates the importance of effective time management to prevent wasted time and productivity.

A study by the Harvard Business Review found that using a time-management strategy can lead to a 13% increase in productivity. This increased productivity translates to better revenue and career growth in the skilled trades industry.

The same Harvard Business Review study found that 45% of managers reported that employees lack the time management skills necessary for their roles. This indicates that there is a gap in the industry that skilled trades professionals can fill by mastering their time-management skills.

Another study by CareerBuilder found that 28% of workers reported feeling overwhelmed by their workload. Effective time management can help prevent this feeling and lead to a more balanced work-life.

The 2021 State of Work Report by Asana found that 71% of workers said that they spend at least a portion of their day in unproductive meetings. Time management skills can help avoid unproductive meetings and make the most of work time.

Finally, the American Psychological Association found that workers who took breaks every 90 minutes reported feeling more productive and energized throughout the day. This highlights the importance of time-management skills to create a schedule that includes regular breaks to avoid burnout and maintain productivity.

Developing strong time-management skills not only benefits skilled trades professionals in their work life but can also have a positive impact on their personal life. A study by the University of Chicago found that people who reported being time-poor were less likely to engage in activities that could promote well-being, such as exercise or spending time with friends and family. By managing their time more effectively, skilled trades professionals can create more time for themselves, their families, and hobbies that can enhance their personal well-being.

Moreover, strong time-management skills can benefit skilled trades professionals who aspire to become millionaires. A study conducted by Fidelity Investments found that self-made millionaires spent significantly less time watching TV and spent more time reading, networking, and pursuing personal hobbies. These habits suggest that time management is essential in achieving success and building wealth.

Additionally, effective time management can help skilled trades professionals develop a proactive approach to their work rather than a reactive one. By proactively managing their time, skilled trades professionals can ensure they meet their deadlines and take on more work without feeling overwhelmed. This approach can lead to higher profits, faster career growth, and a better reputation in the industry.

Bottom line, time management is a vital skill for skilled trades professionals. With a finite amount of time in this world, it is essential to make the most of it. Using a time-management platform that works best for you, having accessibility and technical support, and non-sticky features can help you manage your time effectively. By mastering time-management skills, skilled trades professionals can achieve success, maintain personal well-being, and aspire to become millionaires in the industry.

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